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Manufacturer Description

SKINS Fingerless Half Hand Gloves are light and functional. You will love them for their bare skin comfort. You'll feel the bar and still have a natural grip without the friction. Light and easy to wear, you'll forget you're wearing them until it's time for them to work with you. And, that's when the magic happens!!

- Sizes range from X-SMALL to X-Large. Please check our sizing chart pictured above to get the right fit for your hands.


These gloves can be hand washed, make sure you secure the velcro closure to not damage fabric when washing. Use a mild soap to lather them up and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Lay the gloves on a towel and use another towel to pad them down to remove as much water without ringing the gloves. Leave to air dry by either laying them flat or hanging them up. DO NOT leave in direct sunlight or tumble dry the gloves. Wash as often as you want. Allow to fully dry before use.

Take the Steel Sweat challenge TODAY! Try our weight training gloves for 30 days, if you feel they do not do what we've said they'll do, simply return them.

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Product Features

STOP CALLUSES & PROTECT YOUR PALMS, EVEN DURING THE TOUGHEST WoD's! - Our Cross Training half finger Skins gloves are designed to protect your hands from friction and avoid calluses without losing grip during your fitness routine. HELPS YOU BUILD GRIP AND FEEL THE BAR: So light and breezy you'll feel like you have barehands! The SkinsTM technology we use enables a strong skin-like grip on the bar and removes any friction build up. The usual glove padding has been removed to aid in a closer, stronger feel on the bar, but we've left the material that would exist either side of the padding to move with your palm which helps reduce friction on your hand so you can do more when working out. IMPROVE YOUR FORM: With no material on the lower part of your hand, you'll find you can bench more and improve your form as you maintain a closer feel on the bar, compared to the average weightlifting, gym or rowing gloves. QUICK & EASY TO PUT ON & TAKE OFF: Comfortable to wear with sweat wicking performance on the top of the hand. While being easy to pull on and off through the use of the easily located finger and top of hand pull tabs. 30 day hassle free return. If you don't like them, simply return them for a full refund. FED UP WITH RIPPED HANDS, BUT DON'T WANT THE FEELING OF GLOVES? Try SKINS from Steel Sweat with our SkinsTM palm material as the alternative to traditional workout gloves. If you've been resisting gloves but your hands are telling you a different story, now is the time to show your hands some love. Click the Add to Cart button so you can do more.